Differences between unity teams basic and advanced

I have currently Unity Teams Basic, 3 seats. When I have renewed my subscription, I have received a voucher to upgrade to “Unity Teams Advanced”
Can you please explain what are the differences?
I would also like to know if next year when I pay the license it will be more expensive.

Ok, here is an image from the official Unity Teams website (unity3d.com/get-teams):

Unity Teams advanced is on the right and the free version on the left and the changes are quite clear. The main reason to buy the advanced version would be to get the 25GB storage which is almost a necessity for bigger projects (unless using something like GitHub). You also get Cloud Builds meaning your project will be built in the cloud so that you don’t have to spend time on that. The cost is 9$ a month and I can’t say if it will change but that should be specified on the voucher? (It is also included in Unity Pro so if you but that you get Unity Teams advanced for free).

If you have any more questions there is a handy chat feature at this page: https://unity3d.com/teams.
Just scroll down a bit and in the bottom-right corner a button will appear allowing you to chat with a Unity employee who will answer any questions.

Obviously you don’t have to upgrade and I use GitHub Desktop (desktop.github.com/) for sharing my projects and the 100GB you get there are completely free with the same seat limitation what so ever makes it my choice be it a slight bit more complicated than Unity Teams.

Hope that makes sense and good luck with your project!

Thank you very much, now is clear.
However we are not allowed to publish our apps on the internet, cloud or any other storage media outside the company, for many reasons.
So I believe this is of no consequence for me.