Different builds for different screens in apple store iOS

Hello, this is a bit advanced question about iOS development in Unity.

I use 2DToolkit, it’s an asset that saves time and handle GUI and sprites.

In 2DToolkit I can add to the game different sizes for graphics to support different screen sizes (1x, 2x, and 4x). When the game start I detect the screen size and use the x size suitable. But this caused the game to occupy big size on devices.

I read somewhere that app-store can support different builds for different screen sizes, but the complicated guides I found were not for Unity.

Anyone has an idea how to that for Unity? I can easily create 3 different versions of the game, one for each screen but how do I set app-store to detect the user’s screen and deliver to him/her the version with the right size?


Graham Dunnett has the correct answer:
" the same complicated techniques you use in your Xcode project will work for the Xcode project that Unity exports for you. For a Unity-specific solution, use Asset Bundles."

Asset bundles will probably suit your needs better (download the right assets after the user installs the app)

Even if you’re not allowed to download anything then packing it all into asset bundles will lower your build size.