Different code languages in the same project.

I’m using many tutorials to piece together my game since I’m not a strong coder. It’s going well enough but I was wondering: These tutorials are different, and the instructors will often use differing languages from one another. When all is said and done, I stand to have a project that is using javascript as well as C#. Am I going to run into problems doing this? Will my game not work?

I know multiple languages isn’t the best practice but like I said, I can’t code by myself so I have to rely on what I can find…

It depends on how the scripts are used. Essentially, communication between scripts of different languages only goes one way. It’s fine to mix languages when you have what I would call “utility code”…for example, the Unity terrain engine is basically a bunch of C# scripts, and it doesn’t matter. The terrain functions don’t interact with the rest of your code, they are just functions you call when you need to. For “game code”, however, it’s quite a bad idea to mix languages, and you will run into problems, since it’s likely the scripts will need to interact with each other.