Different in create new project

I just download Unity and create my first project.

I want to ask why my Scene and Game look like this:

but not like so many tutorial i have watched

All tutorial i watched look like this:

Thank you!

This means your sky box isn’t there or isn’t being rendered, What you can do is go to Window>Rendering>Lighting, From there select the Environment tab, Then you will see a sky box material field right at the top, if it is empty then you need to click on the radio button in that field and search “skybox”, you should find something like “default skybox”, Select that and your sky box should come up, now if the skybox material is already assigned then you need to :

In this image you can see the skybox is checked, If it isn’t then click on it.

i did it. thank you so much :+1: :+1: :+1: