Different lighting in projects

So i noticed that defalut lighting in projects i create is different from lighting that i see on tutorial video.

Down below is lighting in my project.

This is lighting in project from the tutorial.

How can i achieve lighting like in the second picture. I tried looking at the directional light setting (they were the same). I also looked in project setting (its not problem of one project using gamma lightning and the other linear). So if anybody knows what’s the matter with this i would be very thankful for advice. I know it’s probably som dumb setting which i am overlooking but i can’t find it.

You need to go to the menu at the top, (where file and edit is etc.) and click window → rendering → lighting settings and at the bottom of the window (not scrolling to the bottom but just underneath the chunk of options) theres a checkbox called autogenerate lighting. That should restore your lighting back to normal @MatiniX