Different prefabs using same mesh. Any performance gain?

So in my project I have a variety of platforms that they are the same mesh but with different materials and a prefab created for each platform. At the moment each one has its own mesh data. If I replace the mesh data to be the same on all of them, will I see any performance gain? Or since it is a different prefab the performance will be the same?
Thanks in advance.

Good day.

Yes it will use less space becausd only need to store 1 mesh. Some years ago, this can be a difference, but nowadays, i will no make a big difference… If all the game concicts in these objects, then its good. I mean the games nlw stores a lot of info about phisics, materials, collisions, lights, etc… Meshes are only a small part.

But as i said, yes, this space dedicated to store meshes will be smaller so will have better performance.

Its like Mario Bross. If you see the original game will see the bushes and the clouds are the same mesh with different colors!