Different render scale per camera

I have two cameras, one is the main and the other is an overlay, and I need the main to render at a lower resolution.
I’m using the URP, and while I can change the Render Scale in the pipeline asset, that affects both cameras.

Is there a way for each to have a different resolution? I need it for performance reasons.

I can see it being done here Render Scale (catlikecoding.com) but that’s for a custom SRP and I don’t know how to do it on the URP, so I would appreciate any help

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Bump x4, I want to adjust the render scale for a VR spectator camera on a PC build so it doesn’t use 4k resolution and cause a performance hit.

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Another Bump here again after a year i still need this :frowning:

Can’t you just assign render targets of the desired sizes to the cameras?
Then to show it on the screen, you’d assign the render texture to a UI sprite.

No because this is not performant. I need to render my entire word view in a lower scale.

This appears to be the common recommendation - output the camera to a render texture, then fit the render texture to the screen. However this feels like a roundabout way to get the job done compared to having render scale control on the camera itself. Instead, I’d have to manually manage aspect ratio, clean up textures and create new ones if the user moves their game view to another screen or resizes their game view, calculate texture size based on a max resolution limit, etc.

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That is exactly what this solution would allow you to do. Though take note of the post above: you’ll have to handle screen ratios yourself at runtime to avoid distortions.

As roundabout as it may seem it is the standard for how you’d do it. Most monitors these days only handle one native resolution so it’s not like you’d ever be able to set different resolutions without using this method anyway unless you wanted to throw caution to the wind and hope that the user’s system doesn’t outright reject it or perform some kind of scaling itself that would likely just turn the image into a blurry mess anyway.

Fair, but you’d think a modern game engine could handle that internally via a setting on each camera.

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Also fair.

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