Dİfferent set of animations for each scene

For the game Iam currently working on, Iam planning to have my character animate for each scene. Apart from the in game animations like run, jump…etc on the score screne or the menu scene i want to have different idles, cutscenes…etc.

I was wondering how people handle this kind of situations. Do i have different animators and change them via script or is there a way to handle this with animation layers or maybe some other way?

Any help is appreciated.


Set up via Mecanim and control via script.
Simple Boolean should do the trick, for more than just two, try using an int as your variable.

Will be worth spending time in learning how to use mecanim.

You can make your own animation clips within Unity.

Or you can use a modeling program like Blender, Maya or Cinema4d to make your animations and then import them as a “.fbx” file.

The idea is to have a cutscene everytime you join into a new scene right?
You can say, If you load a level. "Application.LoadLevel(“YourLevelName”);
You will turn the Cutscene to = True And then you have to say something like, if(cutscene==true){animation.Play(YourAnimationName);}

You have to make a script for the cutscene and a script to join the new scene.

I hope this can help you out. I am also very new to Unity