Different standing positions between drag/drop from Blender and import FBX


Having an issue where a model I made in Blender has the wrong orientation when drag/dropped into my Unity project folder. I saw online that using FBX could fix that issue - and it does - but when the model comes in via FBX the default position is different. Is shows the first frame of the walk animation from Blender rather than the standing position that directly importing does.

Is there a way to get that default position when importing an FBX file?

You would most likely need to export your model and animations separately or setup your character/model appropriately in the rig tab if it only has one animation. The Mecanim animation system allows you to apply multiple animations to a separate model, which is imported at it’s reference pose. There are some useful resources to help look further into setting up your model and how animation import works with multiple files: