different unit in assets 2d game play tutorial

hi. i am trying to recreate the 2d tutorial from scratch. so i create an empty project. and ticked standard asset, and toon shading asset. after that, i copied the assets from 2d tutorial, just the model folder, and the material.

and than i dragged the platform into the scene. it looked so small. then i tried to compare it with the default cube, by creating a new game object->cube, and the platform is so hell lot smaller from the cube. and the camera cant even see it from 12 unit distance.

why is that?

this is a picture of it http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p215/r4ccoon/Untitled-1.jpg

If you look at your models in the Inspector, you see they have a FBXImporter assigned. This importer has a scale factor which is by default set to 0.01.

Try setting it to a higher value (probably 0.1 or 1).