Different webplayer behaviour on safari on mac

Hi guys,

during my webplayer development i’ve discovered a strange behaviour.
On every plattform and browser everythings fine (except some fps and control differences), but on safari on mac, somethings absolutely different.

It’s all about rotation. As you can see here (www.cubety.com), the game is about rotating the cube so you can solve the puzzle. If your moving distance is to small, the rotation revert back, if you are far enough, the rotation goes well.
After every rotation, the values will get set to absolutely values, because lerp not ends perfectly as we know.

But on safari, the more often you rotate, the more the cube drifts apart. Between the rows and lines a gap will become greater (as you can see here: pic ). Any ideas why this does happen?

Kind regards,
Thomas :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is a 100% solution but building the game on a Mac machine + clean browser cache solved the web player problem on Mac Safari.

But again now and then , the Safari does act weirdly. (Also make sure you re-install the web player plugin just to make sure the old one is overwritten.

Hi, the problem was the floating point precision. On some devices it seem to have an bigger impact than on others.

So I used Mathf.Round() (or Ceil or whatever you need) to get the values I need after every calculation!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: