Digital Magic Spell [$2.00]

This spell asset is ready to be used in any scene, just drag and drop to create a spell casting effect that looks both digital and magical at the same time. The spell gives the illusion of branching out to collect the area's data to focus the skill for a more potent attack. Or it could be Digital Forcefield that prevents trespassers from entering.


Price: $2.00
Unity Store Link:
Youtube Link:

Uploading a video right now to youtube, should be up in about 30mins



Effect in game:




Be sure to leave comments or criticisms, and let me know if you'd be interested in me making more, thinking of making a magic spell circle that branches out to other circles, potentially used for an area spell?

Other Effects:

Digital Magic Arrow
Price: $15.00
Unity Store Link:
Forum Link:

Here’s a clip of what the effect looks like in game, both as a portal/blockade and as a type of casting spell.

Anybody have any feedback?

Seems good and you might have underpriced it (because the number of people that would need that spell would be limited to a particular type of game). I mean if someone found it useful they probably wouldnt mind paying $10-20 but if someone didnt find it useful it wouldnt matter if it as $2 they still wouldnt buy it.

I agree. If I needed it I would pay more. I don’t need it so unless it was free I wouldn’t pay for it.
(That said it looks great and gave me some ideas)

Looks really good ... buying it now.

I think if I needed this $2 is a steal...

if you created say more and sell it as a pack that would be cool.

Looks awesome!

Thanks, just wanted some feedback, hoping to make a pack an more complicated looking spells that would be priced more, thanks for the input!

Purchased. Looking forward to more!

This is a really nice effect..

Also price wise.. always better to get a nice ammount of smaller sales, compared to none at a higher price!


Thanks for the support guys! I’ve been slaving away all day (into the early morning now) on my new one, here’s a small demo of it:

Going to fix a few things when I wake up and hopefully after a nice hike. Love to get feedback on that as well so I can work on it right after my outing, and before I make a new thread.

Very nice demo!

This is worth buying by all means!

You could charge a bit more for this while getting same amount of sales, I think! I dare not say how much, marketing is an unknown topic for me!

But surely at that price you'll need to advertise it very actively to make good profit! People must know about this asset!

Loved the video!

Keep us updated! Thanks! :smile:

Thanks for the compliment! That set my day off to a good start! =D
As for the price, I plan to keep it low and when I release more effects of about the same quality, I’ll sell it for a bit more and see the differences in sales. Just thought that having such a great deal would be a stepping stone to other works I would be making.

I created a new thread for the next particle I’m working on, just placing the last few touches and textures and tweaking the script to hopefully minimize conflicts with it. The new thread is here:


Hope you enjoy the next particle as much as I did making it =D.