Direct API for FBXImporter and BuildAssetBundle ?

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Project Objective: Convert Dynamically created FBX models (custom Avatars) into Asset Bundles that can be streamed to users, WITHOUT user interaction on a Linux Box.

We have client requirements to dynamically convert FBX model files into Unity asset bundles that can be streamed to the client. This needs to occur in an automated fashion on a Linux box.

Procedure needs to be:

  1. 3rdParty software allows user to create their own Custom Avatar, which generates an FBX model along with supporting Textures.

  2. Automatically Trigger Unity's functionality to: (without Editor open, nor user interaction)

    (a) Import FBX, then

    (b) BuildAssetBundle to create a file that can be streamed to users.

  3. Copy the FBX to location where streaming may occur (http accessible location).


  1. Can we directly trigger the FBXImporter directly via an API? (without opening the Editor)

  2. Can we directly trigger the BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundle also from this API??

  3. Will this Unity functionality work on Linux? (FBXImporter and BuildAssetBundle functionality only -- Neither the Editor nor Engine need to run on Linux...)

1) no - need the editor open, though you could add in scripts to automate everything from the file being placed in the project folder to an assetbundle being built - you'll need a windows or mac machine for it though

2) see #1

3) no, same problem - all of this stuff is done via native code, not the c# api (which is basically just a wrapper to native code anyway)