Directional light causing weird reflection in orthographic game view

Scene Setup / Other Info:

  • Unity Version 2017.3.1.f1 Personal (tried on 2018 beta as well, same issue)
  • PC, Mac & Linux Standalone*
  • Orthographic Camera at y5 with 45° on
    X and Y
  • Directional Light with 45°/90° on X and Y (Realtime)
  • Textured Plane (Standard Shader, not static)
  • Colored Capsule (Standard Shader, not static)


For some reason the capsule receives an odd shine / bright line on it, however this only happens on the Game View. The Scene View looks correct, even when putting the scene view into Iso mode and aligning the cameras the exact same.
Here is a comparison image of both Scene View (left, correct) and Game View (right, wrong) next to each other:

The light appears to be dependent on the position of the capsule and the camera, so it seems to be some kind of unwanted reflection.
Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is there some magic setting I missed?

Things I’ve tried:

  • Turning off Specular Highlights and Reflections in the Material does not help
  • Turning Smoothhness down to 0 seems to remove the odd reflection, but once a texture is applied it’s visible again (much stronger)
  • I’ve tested multiple textures and played with the UV offset to confirm that I’m seeing lighting and it’s not just the texture color

This is quite problematic as it turns people into Iron Man depending on their position on the screen.

I’ve had this exact same problem and stumbeld over this unanswered question while researching, so I’ll leave my mark to hopefully help future people like me.

My Solution:
In my case the problem was that I had the near clip plane of my camera set to a negative value instead of adjusting the camera offset. This resulted in some weird lighting behaivour like this one.