Directional Light ignores culling mask

Unity 5 here,

Directional Light shines on everything unless you tell it not to with a culling mask.
Problem is, Directional Light’s culling mask also does not work due to the culling mask not masking indirect light.

Thus Directional Light is utterly useless as unwanted objects will be inevitably lit.

It’s sad because this very problem existed in 2010 and the Unity creators have still not addressed the issue. Does Unity not realize that their poor lighting is why Unreal Engine soars past Unity in all graphical comparisons?

Does anyone know a work around for this?

If anyone here is also having problems with the lighting, give this issue an upvote or comment. Hopefully with enough support, Unity can finally address this problem.

I think this is also an issue on Area Lights. Pretty ridiculous imo. I don’t have a solution.

For me my Directional Light’s layer masking works, for SOME materials. It’s driving me absolutely nuts.

Happens the same for point light, selected to ignore one layer but it applies light to it anyways using 2018.3. Tried using Standard shader and still applies the light which should be ignored

Still having this issue in 2020 my dudes. Anyone got a fix for it? For me, I’ve got a directional light that only illuminates one large object, as far as the masking is concerned - but multiple small objects in the scene receive the illumination too, regardless of what layer they are on.