Directional Light : Lighting a Cube.

Hi Everyone,

My experience with unity has just begun, i have read some docs and watched tutorials to get in touch with unity already but one thing i am in doubt is lighting a cube with a directional light, so i have a terrain, i lighted the terrain with a directional light and placed a wall, wall has a Dark Brick Texture and a normal map, so what i see is one face of the wall is lighted pretty well, but the other face is too much dark, i understand it’s because that face is not recieving any light, but still i dont want that face to be dark, i want it to be medium-lit, so am i missing something, (i am not familiar with light maps and UV mapping at all). I downloaded the unity asset pack which included a sample scene and i saw that everything was lit very well in that scene, do i have to create more lights?

I am not lighting expert. As I am aware there are multiple solutions:

1)Virtual atmospheric effects using additional directional lights.
Light is not going straight in atmosphere: it scatters. Additional lights with predefined colors indicating scattering can work well.
In space it goes a bit tricky for example: reflection of planetary bodies and metal surfaces makes it hard to replicate without IBR or other tricks.

2)Global Illumination. Advanced technique to come in unity
But for now can be achieved with creative lightmap usage

3)Ambient light magic
To make absolute dark not dark just up your ambient light setting

4)Non solid materials special shaders
Some materials may invert/modify incoming light on backside to simulate light pass-through. Especially useful in rendering of waxes, skin, rubber and jello.

5)IBR(Image-based lighting)
Special type of light calculation which uses predefined light projection maps. Has some limitations but enormously cinematic!