Directional light not baking.

I’m trying to bake a directional light on a simple scene.
For some reason I can’t get it to bake at all.

When I clear baked data I can see the realtime shadows preview, but when I bake the shadows are gone and all I see is the baked ambient light.
Also, point lights seem to be working properly.

Here are my settings:

Hi. I met the same problem.
In my case, big sky object was casting shadow. So I turned MeshRenderer’s “cast shadow” option of that object to “Off” Then this was solved.
I hope this will help.

@impurekind @AlejandroGorgal Any insights from the past? I have the same problem and I have no clue from where it is coming from. Using Unity 2020.

Exact same issue and don’t know how to fix it. I tried turning off the cast shadows option for and even completely deactivating the ceiling object based on what cynthiakrul said but that hasn’t fixed the issue.

Any ideas, anyone?