Directional Light seems to have no effect on MeshRenderer.

In my 2D project I have some GameObjects with MeshRenderer components generated by script. The renderer use a Sprite/Diffuse material. The other properties of the renderer are the following (although I’ve tried to change everything):

I also have a Directional Light in my scene which Baking is set to Realtime.

My problem is that the meshes are too dark. It seems that the Intensity and the Z position of the Directional Light has no effect on it. Objects with SpriteRenderers are affected by changing the Intensity. Also, my MeshRenderer objects are affected by Point Lights.

What am I doing wrong? How can the MeshRenderer be correctly used with Directional Lights?

This might sound like a long shot but did you try rotating the directional light (try all three axes), so that it shines at an angle?

I think the default rotation of sprites is perpendicular to directional light’s rotation, so that’s why it might be affecting those.