DirectX 11 and minimize

Hello. I’ve recently found a big problem. When my build is using DirectX 11 and the fullscreen is minimized (Alt+Tabbed), I can’t come back to the game. I’ve tried everything. Empty project with 1 empty scene (only main camera) does the same, so it’s not project related.
Windows 8 x64. Unity free.

It’s been a problem for a while.

If you’re on Windows, you can make a shortcut to the executable and go:
Right-click > Properties…
In “Target” add -window at the end of the path (with a leading space).

This’ll open the application in a fullscreen borderless window. That’s how I’ve been dealing with it waiting for a fix.

In this case, the problem is compatibility, this problem involves 3 types of incompatibility, the plugin Direct X11 in Unity, and Windows 8 X64bits, I suggest you uninstall Direct X11, and Unity with Revo Unistaller the advanced uninstall after this install only the unity 3d and then right-click> properties> run this program as an administrator and check the run in compatibility mode, windows 7 option! Waiting for confirmation of completed solution! I am Brazilian, I used google translator, sorry if I could not understand some parts, do not speak english: (