DirectX 11 not working (DX11 on DX10 GPU)

DirectX 11 is not working on my machine. Top bar displays (DX11 on DX10 GPU)
I have the hardware. And enabled DirectX 11 in the Player settings.

The setup

  • Unity Pro 4.1.5f1
  • Geforce GT540M (DX11 capable… the Nvidia DX11 demoes runs fine)
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Latest Nvidia notebook Drivers 320.18

Bug in Unity?

YAY! I found a solution on my own behalf. I remembered I have 2 graphics chips in my laptop ASUS N53S. Intel Integrated as well as the Geforce 540M.
I just had to force the Geforce in the Nvidia Control Panel/3D Settings/Manage 3D Settings/Program Settings.

Just wanted to share the solution. :slight_smile: