DirectX11 & Unity problem

Hi, i’ve selected DX11 from the Player settings… Unity says that this would take some times to reaload the graphics…ok, i’ll wait. I waited. Then, i went to see if the new shaders, like tesselations were now available, but nothing new appeared. So, i thought to restart unity. Nothing new. Then, i restarted the computer and unity again. Nothing. What did i do wrong? Or i have to search somewhere else for the new shaders/effects?

Thank you a lot, i’ve Windows 7 with the latest version of unity free (is DX11 only for Pro?) (i checked. I’ve DX11 installed)

Selecting DX11 in the player settings allows you to make use of DX11 features, but it doesn’t import any new assets. If you want to use a DX11 geometry or tesselation shader in your project, you’ll have to write it yourself. (This is the same for Free or Pro)