DirectX9 GPU is required

I was using Unity 4.2 Free for my project. Today I’ve downloaded new version of Unity. When I try to open my project, I see a popup says the title. I know exactly what does it mean so don’t tell me that I need a new graphic card :slight_smile: Do I have to install v4.2 to use Unity on my netbook?

Sadly, you will need either a new graphics card or stick with unity 4.2.2. Be aware though, that you will most likely not be able to play new games that people make from now on. has this release note.
“Graphics: Removed support for pre-DX9 GPUs on PC. That is, GPUs made before 2003 (NVIDIA), 2002 (AMD) and 2004 (Intel) will not be supported now.”

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Extract from 4.3.1 Update Notes:

Fixes - Graphics: Fixed Intel DX9 GPUs
(like Intel 945) incorrectly being
labeled as unsupported by Unity.