Dirty Lens effect like BF3

I really want to put these effects into my game:

alt text

alt text

So, i searched and discovered this: Pseudo Lens Flares

And I dont understand anything about that =S

If anyone can help me… I’ll be happy ^^

The only way I know you could do this in unity with preset lens flares is by doing this Lens Flares and then adding a fat amount of them, or create a GUItexture in photoshop with a really low opacity and enable/disable it when you are looking towards your light.

Well, you’re not going to get it to look that good. But using Edit>Render Settings>Halo Texture might give you something close to what you want. Make your own halo texture.

You can also consider using a GUI texture, a large transparent .png with semi-transparent smudges scattered. You’d have to turn it on when the sun is in view.

Hope this helps!