Disable a script from another script


I have a problem: i can’t disable a script from an other script. why?
I am making a menu, and i want to stop my player moving, when it is on pause. Or is there an other way to do it?alt text

// the var 'P' = pause
static var P=0;
function Update () {
// i did define the escape button! 
function OnGUI()
 if (P==1){
           Screen.showCursor = true;

	       GUI.Box(Rect(-45,0,2000,1000), "Pause");
	       if(GUI.Button(Rect(910,300,100,30), "Resume")){P=0; Screen.showCursor = false;}
           if(GUI.Button(Rect(910,500,100,30), "Exit")){Application.Quit();}

  /*Error-->*/ gameObject.Find("FirstPersonControllerPrefab").FPSWalker = false;
  /*Error-->*/ gameObject.Find("FirstPersonControllerPrefab").FPSWalker.enable = false;
  /*Error-->*/ gameObject.Find("FirstPersonControllerPrefab").FPSWalker.false;
  /*Error-->*/ gameObject.Find("FirstPersonControllerPrefab").FPSWalker.active = false;

Please help! ASAP!!! :-/

Try …FPSWalker.enabled = false; If that still gives an error, please tell us what it’s saying

It’s easier to do time.Timescale = 0;