Disable ambient light


my environment are more beautiful in the scene when I disable the lights. Can we disable the ambient light in the game? When I do this in windows scene my models are best.

For Unity 5 ambient scene lighting is now found under Window > Lighting > Scene.

Go to the render settings in Unity and turn down the ambient light color to pure black. It's not a real light; it's just a color that any shaders that make use of the ambient light constant can use.

In Unity 5:

  1. Open Window -> Lighting, go to the Scene tab.
  2. Set Ambient Source to Color and Ambient Color to black. This will eliminate one part of Ambient lighting.
  3. Next, you want to remove ambient light due to Skybox reflections by simply setting Reflection Intensity to 0.

Now, your light will only come from explicitly added light sources! :slight_smile:


I would so much like a menu item in the Unity Editor to turn off all lights so that we create them on our own. Perhaps some default settings are great, but the current ones are not to my liking. To be precise: I don’t understand them.

To disable ambient light you need to go to the render settings in Unity , like Eric5h5 says, but set ambient color to pure white. In this case it will not affect your scene and models.