Disable appname_symbols.zip generation in Android build

When building an Android app using “internal build system”, “IL2CPP”, “.NET Subset” Unity generates a zip file which contains symbols (eg: appname_3-1.0-v2.symbols.zip) next to the app .apk but we don’t need it, there is a way to disable this step?

We are using a file share service (dropbox/other) and this delays upload time so we have to access the folder, delete the file or stop synchronization of this file.

Update: Unity 2019.2.11 changelog: Android: Allow to disable symbols.zip generation when building apk or aab

Would like to know that too.
Can’t seem to find any documentation on the usage of these symbol files (I think I get what they are for, but don’t know how to use them).
@Neogene before someone gives a proper answer (how to disable the generation of the symbols), a workaround would be to automatically remove that file in the post build process. Place a script in the Editor folder and use something like:

using UnityEditor.Callbacks;

public class SymbolsFileRemover : MonoBehaviour {

     public static void OnPostProcessBuild(BuildTarget target, string pathToBuiltProject)
          //find and remove the zip file here using System.IO

Switch to Git, and update the .gitignore file.