Disable GameObject Only Father Not Children

I am using Unity 4
Or a GameObject with a hierarchy Father and son
I would like to disable only the Father and Son Get Active
I know this in Unity 3 is possible but not unity 4
there must be another method to achieve this also in unity 4 Can someone help me Thanks

As far as I know, what you’re asking is impossible. From the Unity 4 release notes, “GameObjects active state will now affect child GameObjects, so setting a GameObject to inactive will now turn the entire sub-hierarchy inactive”.

Child gameobjects’ behaviour is defined, in part, by the behaviour of their parents, so it doesn’t really make sense to have an enabled child of a disabled parent object.

You can detach the children with transform.parent = null

create an empty game object in the unity Gameobject dropdown menu at the top. drop both your objects into it so both “real” objects can be treated as seperate children. the empty object still holds em together as a parent.