disable JS from a C#?

when my player hits a trigger I want to disable or enable several scripts on a particular enemy. I have the script work to disable the C# script then tried the same for the next script ( Java) but it won’t work. error being “unity does not contain a definition for enable” . Funny because it did for the c# script. obviously some error in syntax when referring to a JS script

so…how do you disable a java script from C#? why did I use both? because the Java is from a waypoint system I purchase. WHile it runs my enemy attack script doesn’t work. So I need to enable the attack and disable the waypoint system. Like I mentioned, no problem enabling the attack but can’t disable the waypoint. ANybody?

	public  GameObject enemy1;
	private MonoBehaviour Attacks;
	private Component Stops;

	void Start () {
		Attacks = GameObject.Find("enemy1").GetComponent<EnemyBehaviourDestruct>();
		Stops = GameObject.Find("enemy1").GetComponent<WaypointMover>();

	void OnTriggerEnter (Collider other) {
		if(other.tag == "Player")

			Attacks.enabled = true;
			Stops.enable = false;


The clue is in the error message - there is no component property called “enable”. You mean “enabled”. Change line 21 to be:

Stops.enabled = false;