Disable light resolution scaling based on screen resolution

Hi, I’am using a orthographic camera on 3D to try and achive a 2D pixel look with all benefits of 3D. This however means that i have to use unity’s lightning system.

I want to have the same ppu (pixel per unit) no matter the screen resolution so i have compiled a script that takes care of that for me, however since the shadow resolution scales with screen resolution, at low screen resolutions, the shadow resolution downscaling becomes noticable while each pixel should be rendered the same:

This image was rendered with a screen resolution of 512x288

While this image was rendered with a screen resolution of 128x72

Compare the sword shadow at top right, on high resolution it is fine, but on low resolution it turns into a block!

I could unfortunately not take a screen shot of the whole rendered image, since it would not let me upload, but just imagine that the high resolution image renders a larger part of the game/bigger scene.

Anyways, my question is, where can i turn this “light texture scaling with screen resolution setting” off so that no matter the screen resolution, the shadow resolution stays the same?

Ok so im hessitant to say that this is right, because this setting seems to not have anything to do with “scaling light texture with screen resolution”. But i found that chaning shadow projection to close fit worked?

In Unity 2020.3 Go to > Project Setting > Quality > Shadow Projection and Change to > Close Fit

As stated above i wont accept this answer untill i know that that is what this setting does. Becaus all i see documented is: “Close fit shadow maps with linear fadeout.” And. “Stable shadow maps with spherical fadeout.” Which, to me atleast, seems to have nothing to do with anything. but, youknow ¯_(ツ)_/¯.