Disable Mac OSX 'Active Screen Corners'

Hey everyone,
I am developing a Real Time Strategy. Is there anyway to disable the Active Screen Corners in mac, so when players go to scroll across the map diagonally, the inbuilt function of the mac doesn’t open their ‘Dashboard’ or ‘All Windows’ function. Would it be possible to create a C++ plugin to complete this task?

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P.S. Could any code snippets be (preferably) in C#. JavaScript is fine, but I would prefer C#.

Try setting ‘Full-Screen Options’ to ‘Capture Display’. I am not sure how you could do this in windowed mode, though. And also, if you have issues with Full-Screen with ‘Capture Display’ setting (I certainly do), you would have to set the resolution when the game starts.

//To set the current resolution again (only when started in Full-Screen)
void Start () {

Thank you a lot for the answer, 10 seconds before I read this post which is 15 seconds ago as I write this, I thought I might try that… It works perfectly! I feel a tiny bit STUPID! Thank you a lot though! Hopefully this will help other people!