Disable mouse hover on GUILayout buttons

I am adding controller support to my in game menus and inventory. Mostly it’s going well and the only issue I have now, is that both the controller and the (hidden in controller mode) mouse will highlight my buttons (often leaving 2 highlighted at once), which are GUILayout.Button type. My first thought was set the cursor to some off interactable area location, but this does not seem to be possible without purchasing an asset. Any way I can make the mouse not highlight/select my layout buttons (I’ll handle detecting if I am in controller mode).

If you just want to avoid highlighting I would suggest changing the transition mode to None. If you want something else, just let us know :wink:

Solved my own problem. I set up two GUI skins, one for mouse mode (with a mouse hover change effect) and one for Keyboard (removing this effect). I then switched states based on mouse or keyboard control.