Disable Mouse Left Click

I can't seem to find anything in the API, but I need a way to disable the mouse left button.

Might I ask why you need to disable it? Isn't that kind of the same as not using it?

But I'm assuming if you look at the input manager, you can delete the actual input, and not make it an option.


Just disable/delete Fire2 or Fire3.

Go to EDIT > PROJECT SETTINGS > INPUT, expand Fire1 (Fire1 is the default for left mouse button), and either change the positive button or delete it. Although I don't understand why you need to, since you can just decide not to use it.

But I have the same problem. It is very common issue when you are creating some editor staffs. So, you need to “add a point” or “paint on surface”, of course using LEFT click. But when you click, Unity selects something underneath the cursor.

How to avoid this?