Disable mouse on android?

Hey UA, I am working on a game that is for Android and Windows. The Windows version uses keyboard and/or gamepads, and the Android version uses touch controls (but can use a keyboard or gamepad if they are connected.) But I have a big problem. I am using the SingleStickControl prefab, and duplicated it so there are 2 sticks (1 for each player) they work fine, but when I test it on my device, the mouse cursor is still there and thus MultiTouch doesn’t work. If I move one around, it controls fine. If I move the other around, it controls fine. If I try to move both however, none of them move and the cursor goes in between my fingers. Any way to fix this? Another thing, my game uses UI. If I disable the mouse, will UI still work? Thanks guys!

Alright guys, fixed it. I was using Unity 5.1.3, and some fixed the issue by upgrading to 5.4. I did the same and the problem went away. @NFMynster, thanks for replying however. :slight_smile:

Did you try to play around with the cursor options?

Android 8.0+ has an API that a uses requestPointerCapture to hide the mouse, or lock it in the application.