Disable Mouse Selection in Editor View

How I can disable Mouse Selection in Editor View for painting, editing an Object like in the Terrain Editor??

Calling this will do what you want :slight_smile:

public void OnSceneGUI()

Hello there, nice for the necro. :stuck_out_tongue:

The most precise answer I can give to myself (yeah) is this :

// Retrieve the control Id
int controlId = GUIUtility.GetControlID(FocusType.Passive);

// Start treating your events
case EventType.MouseDown:
    //Treat your event
    // ...

    // Tell the UI your event is the main one to use, it override the selection in  the scene view
    GUIUtility.hotControl = controlId;
    // Don't forget to use the event

With this, you won’t be able to select anything in the scene while the object that lock the scene is selected. Change your selection in the hierarchy/project tab.