Disable on screen keyboard for mobile phones

How can I disable the native keyboard of unity so that I can use my own custom keyboard?

I’ve been trying to get rid of the inputfield above Unity’s keyboard. I am using Unity 5.6 now all I see on other forums doesn’t work

I hope there is a way to disable even only the input field above the keyboard.

Two suggestions here, since both hideInput und isSupported from the TouchScreenKeyboard class are not readonly:

  • set hideInput to false prior to entering the inputfield to disable the inputfield above Unity’s keyboard
  • set isSupported to false prior to entering the inputfield to disable the keyboard alltogether

This is a portion of Unity’s bitbucket repo on the InputField, which means, if isSupported is false, the Keyboard won’t be opened:

if (TouchScreenKeyboard.isSupported)
                if (Input.touchSupported)
                    TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput = shouldHideMobileInput;

                m_Keyboard = (inputType == InputType.Password) ?
                    TouchScreenKeyboard.Open(m_Text, keyboardType, false, multiLine, true) :
                    TouchScreenKeyboard.Open(m_Text, keyboardType, inputType == InputType.AutoCorrect, multiLine);
                Input.imeCompositionMode = IMECompositionMode.On;