Disable particle gravity on collision


I am trying to make a blood splatter particle effect and I want it to disable particle gravity when it hits a wall. I did notice “Send Collision Message” in the collision tab and I searched it up and I got a decent idea how I could use it. But I do not know how I can disable particle gravity.

So if you know how to do something like this, please tell me!

Thanks in advance

I had the same problem while making a 2D shooter, and my solution may not be the best but it works:
(I know this thread is very old but hopefully other people with the same issue can find the solution here)

I duplicated my blood splatter and aimed it at the wall behind my 2d character, then turned off the gravity on the new particle system. The result is the particles are shot at the wall behind and do not fall down anymore, and the original blood splatter does the rest.

For 3d games you can make the non gravity blood a sphere so it lands on all the walls around it.