Disable Positional Tracking of Oculus CV1 in Unity 5.4.1

In Unity 5.3.3 through 5.4.0 we used the OVRPlugin to VR support and parameters like rotational and positional tracking.

Now that the VR Camera it built into Unity, the OVRPlugin is no longer required, but the ability to enable/disable rotational and positional tracking is not available in Unity.

How can I disable positional tracking of the VR Camera in Unity 5.4.1?

I am trying to play a stereoscopic 360 video in Unity, so I have no need for the positional tracking.

Unity 5.6 introduced a disablePositionalTracking static into UnityEngine.VR.InputTracking.

If you need to do it in older versions, in this thread it’s suggested that you can:

Make a script on the parent object of
the camera that moves the transform
position to counteract the position on
the camera transform.

I tried it out and it seems to work fine:

public class DisablePositionalTracking : MonoBehaviour {

    public GameObject cameraGameObject;


        // Disable positional tracking by applying an opposite offset from the camera that's being
        // moved by the HMD. This script should be applied on an empty parent object of the camera.
    	void Update ()
            if (cameraGameObject != null)
                Vector3 offset = new Vector3(
                transform.localPosition = offset;

Thanks for the reply.
I ended up using the OVRPlugin, but this is obviously not ideal for cross platform.
I may try you suggested solution, but it seems like there’s a lot of unnecessary processing going on to counteract something that should be disable-able.