Disable Unity 4.x OnMouseDown on Mobile

So in previous versions of Unity OnMouseDown didn’t work on Mobiles… So I made a Script to convert Touches Inputs and call OnMouse Methods… everything fine.

but then suddendly Unity decided to implement OnMouse methods in Mobile… now you can just code OnMouseDown and will react when touched…

This is driving me crazy… because it makes weird stuff when I use my own calls… it gets called twice (my script does more than down, up, it handles cross over states, drags, pitch, and lots of touch related stuff).

Also Unity only calls that method for 1 finger… no multitouch… and when multi touch unity does something weird… it calls the method at whatever is in the middle of 2 fingers.

touch touch
calls here

so it presses buttons and stuff when no finger is touching… because it calls it between fingers… makes no sense!

so is there a way to turn OFF they new default call on that method for Mobile devices?

Simply don’t implement OnMouseDown, or surround it with conditions:

function OnMouseDown() {