Disable weight "inheritance" when using HingeJoint2D?

Is it possible to have two RigidBodys connected by a HingeJoint2D without
their individual weights affecting
each other?

Hopefully it’s clear what I’m asking for!

To be extra clear: I want one object OBJECT1, joined by a HingeJoint, to be affected by the movement of the object it’s attached to, OBJECT2. The problem I’m having is that the weight of OBJECT1 is affecting the movement of OBJECT2 by dragging it down or decreasing the effects of the forces being applied to it.

So how would I make it so that OBJECT1 is still affected by movement/gravity/its own weight, without weighing down OBJECT2 in any way?

I’ve had no luck searching for similar questions so any help would be apprectiated!


Solved this by creating a “middleman” object with a rigidbody component with ‘IsKinematic’ set to true. This created the barrier I needed to separate the two original objects from their independent physical influences.

However, I’m currently unaware as to the performance cost this solution holds. If anyone has any better solutions I’m still completely open to suggestions!