Disabling/Enabling Different Character Controllers.

Greetings. I sorted all my problems, now down to my last one for basic gameplay. I have two gun scripts attached my player and I want to enable and disable one vice versa. (Different weapons)

Is this possible? I just am unsure on how to go about it.

Getbuttondown pistol 
enable pistolscript
disable othergunscript.
disable ajbfag
disable aofbhaobgh
disable aofoafa

getbuttondown othergun
enable othergunscript
disable pistolscript
disable ajbfag
disable aofbhaobgh
disable aofoafa

and so on with other buttons.... enabling and disabling the rest.

I know it is a lot more complex than that but instead of me trying to write one with my limited knowledge on calling and disabling scripts I know I would end up being wrong and coming here.

I know that isint code but that is the sort of thing I want.

Preferably C# but I could probably try to convert it if it is done in Java.

OK this is a little different but it may works. OK so first add an empty object and parent the weapons in the empty object. Then put this script in the player.

var weapons : Transform;
var weapon1 : Transform;
var weapon2 : Transform;
var weapon3 : Transform;
var weapon4 : Transform;
function Update(){
//and there you can continue and continue

in the variable weapons put the empty object and in the weapon1,2,3,4 put the weapons