Disabling OVR GazePointer but still using LaserPointer from UIHelpers in Oculus Integration

Unity version 2019.3

Hardware: Oculus Rift

I am looking for a way to disable the GazePointer from functioning but still use the LaserPointer from the UIHelpers prefab within the Oculus Integration in Unity. I see that the Laser Pointer is allowing me to click buttons in a UI Canvas but also when I move my HMD(head) I can tell that the Gaze Pointer is also selecting button UI elements and I do not want it to. I am trying to implement a touch-screen like physical interaction as the sole means of interacting with UI elements and do not want the GazePointer as a way to interact with UI elements but it seems to be tightly coupled with the Laser Pointer stuff in the OVRInputModule.cs script.

All help is appreciated.

Comment or remove leftData.position = ovrRaycaster.GetScreenPosition(raycast); from OVRInputModule.cs usually found in the UIHelpers prefab under EventSystem.