Disabling part of an event system?

I want a pop up window to appear and the underlying buttons to not be accessible anymore unless you close the popup. Here is a 30 second video that makes it obvious what my problem is. I did try to add another event system but that didn’t work, so how is it done?

I figured out how to do it, you have to access each button and set interactable to false. You also have to set the currently selected button to be the new UI button. Here is the script:

    public void SettingsButton()
        startButton.interactable = false;
        continueButton.interactable = false;
        settingsButton.interactable = false;
        leaveButton.interactable = false;

Note that you might also have to make a reference to the UnityEngine.UI at the top where all your namepspaces are at.

using UnityEngine.UI;