Disabling particle collider bounce?

Does anyone have a good way to prevent particles from bouncing when they collide? I'm trying to make custom collision-handling code - for example, to use particles for armor-piercing bullets, so they should hit the target, go through and hit stuff behind it. The problem is that the particles always bounce off, even when the target is set up as a trigger. Adjusting the Bounce to -1 does nothing. Adjusting it to 0 just makes the bullet disappear.

I'd suggest a combination of ray casting for hit detection and particles (without any form of collider) as the visual effect. You don't always have to do things the 'natural logic' way in gaming.

The other technique would be to use prefab bullets and instantiate and add forces to them as if they were like a particle system. The behaviours and scripts would then allow you to do what you wish with the bullets. Particles are a visual effect primarily, not necessarily the right tool for the job at hand (in your case).

you should set bounce to 0 but when you do this particle will continue collision with the object that you want to go inside so it will loose energy and die. you should make energy loss value a verry small one or even 0 to prevent them to be killed.