Disappearing Terrain

Just loaded a game, and the terrain texture has disappeared. I can tell its still there as the grass and details are still there (the tree is placed)

One hint is, that when loading my project file was missing, I had to go and get a backup—
Anyone knows what happened?

Further experimentation has shown that is some kind of clipping distance thing… however this is in BOTH the scene and the game view. IF I pull my camera back a long long way the terrain texture appears… It doesnt help if I create a new camera…
Does that help?

Even MORE experimentation shows that, its NOT clipping (although teh above still happens) Becasue I I go into the cog wheel settings on the Terrain and CHANGE THE MATERIAL from Built in Standard, to Legacy… its fine… So Ill use that. but really?
WTF just happened?

PS STandard Shader IS STILL there for other objects, is there a “special terrain shader”, and Ive deleted it?, can I get it back? How?

I fixed this by adjusting the base map distance. hope this helps.