Disconection issue Poker app,Disconection Problem Poker App

Hello, Everybody

I hired a team of freelancers to develop me and apk for Android. This app is only for Android users and it’s a Poker Game.
The situation is when the players go to other application and leave the poker game in background. After 1:30 minutes the system Kick out the players from the table and they need to reenter.
As you see this situation it can not be because the players constantly go to Facebook, Whatssap, Instagram while they are out from the hand.

There are others applications where the system keeps to the players for long time. The developers Tell me that this is not an easy function, so they need time or take a look to solve this. They mention something like “frameworks bots”. Any idea? Any suggestion? May be somebody can help me.


Have you tried to install it from scratch? I think it must have helped you surely. If no, it seems it was a mistake during the organization of the process. I’ve faced such issues not long ago while playing poker online. For example, when I was trying to make a deposit in a new window, the app just was shooting down. It was happening again and again. So, there can be many factors, you know. I think you should contact a specialist because it would be hard to manage this problem on your own.
Good luck!

I agree, I think that if you try to install it from the very beginning, everything will fall into place.