Discord game integration

Most of the games today have discord support like this:

"Playing a game"
"Game name"

This is very easy to implement using Discord game sdk and looks nice as well since the game is going to be on steam i think something like this will be very nice,i have done such things in past and most of the devs would have probably done as well,what do you think @cirocontinisio ?

We would firstly need to implement this for Unity editor itself :smile:

Sorry,I don’t get what you mean by this line

Someone already did this actually: https://github.com/MarshMello0/UERP

For the game I think it's too early, we're on pre-production stage.
It would be nice to integrate once we have Logo and some playable builds in place :)

I think your right,but this can be made to act as a system

That isn’t for adding it to games, it’s for while you’re actually in the editor.

I'd love to implement this feature if that's fine with you @Megatank58 .

It’s fine but we need permission from the unity devs first


Discord sdk doesn't have open source license and thus won't be easy to use it in this project. I guess that hosting sdk .dll like https://github.com/MarshMello0/UERP breaks the law.

I would like to clarify few things:
1.Discord has official website and guide for Discord game sdk it’s completely safe to use.
2.The GitHub repository is not what we will be using

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