Discord / Slack for unity polyspatial questions (at vision labs or beyond)

Hey, are you guys on discord or slack?

I am late on the device testing game and I found out last week that the Apple Labs have very limited in person support for Unity.

The labs have limited availability and hours and all the MR features seem to require a real device to test on - It would be a lot easier if we could just ask on chat.

Hi @ina

As I’m sure you can imagine, many developers are anxious to get their content ready for device launch, but our development team is not large, so we have to be selective in which channels we attempt to support.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive support options , Unity does offer a range of paid support plans. Otherwise, the best ways to reach our team are either here in Discussions, by reporting a bug (Unity Editor Main Menu > Help > Report a bug…), or by casting votes and/or submitting ideas on our public roadmap.

Hope that helps!

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we used unity paid support in the past, but found it was really not useful for niche topics like this.

I would suggest reading through the forums or searching them. Many questions have been raised here and answered through the course of the development.