Discrepancy in Reported WebCamDevice Types and Actual Camera Types on iPad Pro 11

I am currently developing an application using Unity that utilizes the device’s camera functionality. I am testing this application on an iPad Pro 11, which, according to its specifications, has two rear cameras: a wide and an ultra-wide camera.

However, when I query the available cameras using WebCamTexture.devices, I receive three non-front-facing devices instead of two. The WebCamKind of these devices are reported as two WideAngle and one UltraWideAngle. The names of these devices are reported as “Back Camera”, “Back Ultra Wide Camera”, and “Back Dual Wide Camera”.

Interestingly, when I physically cover the ultra-wide camera on the iPad, the view from both the “Back Ultra Wide Camera” and the “Back Dual Wide Camera” in Unity gets covered, suggesting that they might be the same physical camera or that the “Back Dual Wide Camera” mode uses the ultra-wide camera.

However, when I cover the wide camera, the view from the “Back Dual Wide Camera” is not affected, which is not what I would expect if this mode uses both cameras.

I have already tried checking the names of the devices and ensuring that my iOS system and Unity software are up to date, but the issue persists. Could you please provide some insight into why this might be happening? Is there a known issue with how iOS reports the available cameras to Unity, or could this be a bug in Unity itself? Additionally, could you provide any information on how the “Back Dual Wide Camera” mode works and how it uses the physical cameras? The concern is that relying solely on the device name for filtering might lead to inconsistencies across different iOS devices.