[Discussion] What made you fall in love with game developing?

Hey guys!
Sheeesh, it has been a while since I posted here.

a little background about who I am:
I'm a Computer Science student in my 3rd year(out of 4 lol, still not that good at math)
And since I remember myself I LOVED playing video games, tbh I was a weird kid that didn't have many friends(actually at that time, I didn't have any social circles at all) BUT always had the will to know HOW games works, and how they're are made of, what going on BEHIND the scene.
SO that was the time when I was introduced to the Unity community and GOD, low-key, that was the best time of my life!!! I think it really started to get "skin and bones" when I was 16, and I FELL IN LOVE.
Unity3d 3.X(it was 2012 I guess) was the engine I used.

I met SO MANY friends on the internet and built games for fun.
There was a forum in my country which I found graphic designers and other C# developers and we built a multiplay game that never got to be published, haha but damn, that was a great time for me to realize how much fun you have can make just from coding.

Years passed, I joined the army, fell in love a couple of times(with real girls, can you believe that?!)
But why the heck do I tell you all of this?
Well, the last 3 years were tough, I've been dealing with depression and anxiety which translated to social anxiety. I no longer recognize myself and the person I became.
I started my degree and in the past year, with all the Covid19, I just lost my passion, I forgot why I started in the first place, I even forgot that part of my life that I shared with you.

I had a nostalgic moment when I played "The amazing spider-man 2" and I found on youtube people trying to develop a PC game with good swinging mode JUST BECAUSE Sony doesn't let people play the game on the beautiful PC console, AND THEN it hit me, the memories of me sitting hours, days, weeks, months on learning to code and put it into small games.
Perhaps the mathematics courses I have in college bring me down since I never was good at it, I only happy with the coding courses I have.

So, I decided to give it a try and just play around with the engine.
I really want to learn and try to develop a multiplay game.
I still don't know if it'll be a 2D game or an FPS game, but I'm really interested to know how the networking and multiplay work, in general, AND in depth.

I would really be interested to know:
1. When did you start to build games?
2. Why did you start? what's YOUR story?
3. Have you ever been into mental/other struggles like I did? please share a little :)

If you want to help me out, check out my thread about developing a multiplayer game:
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2.similar to yours interested in the code but also to make a game for a friend(it never got finished)
3.dude that's none of your business

This one.