Displacement and gloss on my material from blender is not showing in unity when imported.

I am trying to learn how to use blender and integrate into making unity games. I created a model then made a material involving mixing glossy and diffuse shaders from cycles render. Then using a tutorial I found online made a displacement? thing and connected it to displacement in the material output. The object looked great in blender but when i export it to unity it only keeps the color of the object without any gloss or displacement.

I have no idea why but i think it involves baking and uv unwraping which i know little about.

@JoshomeJosh, the method you are looking for is Cycles baking. First, you must bake the displacement material into a displacement modifier, which you can then apply to transform it into geometry. A great tutorial for baking displacement can be found here: Convert Material Displacement to a Mesh with Blender - YouTube. You must then bake the procedural materials into textures with Cycles, which can then be compiled into a material for Unity. You can follow this tutorial here: Blender Materials in Unity EASY [Quick Tutorial] | English - YouTube or to break it down:

  • First, uv unwrap your mesh (you may want to consider a lightmap pack) using, in edit mode, and select all: UV > Lightmap Pack. Set the resolution to a desired number (best to use a power of two)
  • Next, create a new image in the UV editor window, and set the resolution to the same as the lightmap pack.
  • Go to object mode and select your mesh, and go to the render settings in the properties window and press bake. Bake the combined map (if it is well-lit and you prefer lighting influence; if not, bake a diffuse map with only color selected), the normal map, and the glossy map, with only color selected. Save each image in the UV editor.
  • In Unity, import your mesh and textures. Create a new Autodesk Interactive material, apply the combined/diffuse to the occlusion and albeido. Apply the normal to the normal, and change the normal map’s texture type to a Normal Map. Apply the glossy map to the roughness.

You can then apply the material, and it should have both gloss and displacement.

Hope this helps!